Tuesday 25 September - 18:30 - Beauty & emotion in Tang love poetry 

The event explored the beauty & emotion in Tang love poetry & how it inspired Nicholas Smith new choral work, Love, Friendship & Longing

A collaborative event between the Chopsticks Club and the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine at South Bank University. 
This event, hosted by poetry experts, discussed the beauty and emotion in Tang dynasty love poetry which featured in our anniversary concert on 29th September 2018 at the Cadogan Hall. The Tang dynasty represents the golden age of Chinese poetry with the best-known poets being Li Bai and Du Fu. The event explored the differences between Chinese & English love poetry & how it inspired Nicholas Smith to compose his choral work, 'Love,Friendship & Longing'

  • Dr. Andrew Andreasen: Former executive director of the Stanford Center at Peking University. Translator and expert on Tang Dynasty poems 
  • Nicholas Smith OBE: Artistic Director of Mandarin Voices choir, composer of Love, Friendship & Longing, based on Tang love poems
  • Cui Zhe: Presenter who will be reading the poems 
  • Oliver Rowse: Poetry expert, script writer and host for Dead Poets Live evenings for T.S Eliot Trust  who will be chairing the evening

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