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We have been welcoming guests to our China-related events since the start of China's global rise in 1993. Consequently our network is built upon face:face meetings and trusted relationships.


Our members want to understand how to do business in China and how to do business in the UK. We deliver on that need by sharing insight from leading experts and peers, generating debate and discussion, sharing insight into Chinese and British culture. We run various speaker events and debates adopting different styles to meet specific aims and suit diverse audiences. From our regular dinner-speaker events to round-table, intimate discussions for senior executives on relevant trends and current affairs to high-profile networking conferences, we offer something for every personal preference and budget. We partner with brands eager to inform an audience about the rapid changes in China that effect trade and geo-politics or who wish to reach a specific target audience.



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Getting a job just got easier! Insights from neuroscience tell us why we think and behave as we do. Get the job that's right for you and learn to interact in the best way in global teams. 

In the immediate aftermath of the EU Referendum vote this panel discussion will inform business leaders what leaving the EU could mean from the Chinese perspective in the short-medium term.

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Chris Dobbing, the founder of the Cambridge Mask Company spoke about his new range of 'Smart' pollution masks and gave a fascinating insight into start ups in China.

Click for more info Despite a slowdown in the Chinese economy and stock market jitters, there are now more billionaires in China than in the US for the first time. Ubiquitous mobile internet is creating new ways of doing business across health, financial services and education.

Bridging the gap between university and a career is a testing time, and often your early career can bare little relevance to your degree subject. But for those of us who have spent the time and energy learning Chinese as a second language, what are the options for using it in the workplace?

“Trust, Ethics & Reputation: is the Chinese system better?” The talk will focus on the importance of trust in financial markets focusing on wealth management, legal frameworks and the importance of guanxi. At a time when world markets are jittery with the vulnerability of the Chinese stock market and the global impact, this is a timely, must-attend event!

Can the revival of Daoism help to save China's environment by balancing ecology with a booming economy? – Dinner speaker event with consultant, Allerd Stikkler, September 2014 In our consumerist world everyone has a part to play in the protection of the planet.

Dinner speaker event with China expert & author, Kerry Brown, 24 June 2014 The Chinese - including the top leaders in government - like to understand other cultures deeply in order to better understand themselves. How much do we really know about the Chinese and how curious are we to learn?