Student webinar: Kick-start your global career with insights into neuroscience & communication

Getting a job just got easier! Insights from neuroscience tell us why we think and behave as we do. Get the job that's right for you and learn to interact in the best way in global teams.

This free webinar is designed exclusively for university students - particularly those with China-related skills - to help you as you prepare for your life beyond university. It's never too early to think about your career and this fresh thinking from expert speaker, Liza Hughes, from Why Not Coaching? will provide you with awesome insights from neuroscience that pinpoint your strengths, informs your thinking and behaviour. Importantly, you will understand how people respond to you and what you need to do to get more of what you want from your career! In just one hour, you will pick up some vital life-skills that can be used in the lecture theatre, in extra-curricular activities and, of course, in the work-place. 
Timetable our webinar in now and learn how to present appropriate information in the best possible way to suit your audience and get more of what you want from your future.


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Time: Prompt start at 18.30
Access: Via registration link sent once registered
Venue: Wherever you are connected to the internet
Tickets: Free - but registration is essential

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