Ambassador Liu Xiaoming congratulates Chopsticks Club

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming congratulates Chopsticks Club

Premier Xi Jinping’s state visit in October 2015 on the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, is heralded as a significant event in this “golden time” of China-UK relations. Since 1993, Chopsticks Club has been committed to developing China-UK cultural understanding and facilitating links between China and the UK and supporting its membership network.

On the eve of the launch of the Club’s new website, His Excellency, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, extended his support of the Club. “Warm congratulations!...I hope the new website will serve as a better platform for Chopsticks Club to bring more Chinese and British people closer and enhance mutual understanding.”

Ambassador Liu continued, “Let’s continue with what we can and what we have to work hand in hand with joint efforts to ensure the better future of the two countries and the two peoples.”

Ambassador Liu’s words are very pertinent; people are what Chopsticks Club is about. Our membership network has been built up over 23 years and is based on face to face meetings with tens of thousands of people who are interested in China, living and working in our two countries. Through mandarin learning, cross-cultural training, business services, recruitment and networking events we have shared insight, facilitated links and built up trusted friendships to create the largest, independent China-UK network.

We look forward to continuing our work and supporting our members into the future as they build their businesses between China and the UK!