Living and working in the UK

Cultural training for Chinese expatriates to engage more effectively with the British and to build your business and network.


Whilst many Chinese professionals working overseas will have some knowledge of English, culture shock is nevertheless very real. Our bi-lingual trainers have all experienced living and working in another culture and how isolating it can be. Workshops are often delivered in mandarin Chinese and are designed to build confidence among executives who communicate and interact with the British through business, who want to build collaborative relationships and fit in better by understanding local ways.


Why not join our series of Getting Inside GREAT Britain trips to build your social and business networks? All these offer a distinctive insight into our cultural heritage, beautiful off-the-beaten-track places and an opportunity to make new friends and business associates.


Our training benefits inbound Chinese professionals by giving them practical insight into

• Why Brits think how we do
• Our cultural heritage and passions
• Our networking styles
• An understanding of standard business practices
• Practical tips on integrating into British society

Boost your confidence living in the UK!

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