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  • Engage with China programme for schools
  • Pilot Challenge day - Formby, Lancs
  • Pilot Challenge Day, Formby


In the space of only 40 years, China has transformed itself from its status as an under-developed country and ‘factory of the world’ into a global economic powerhouse. It now boasts extensive links around the world and its impact and influence in global affairs is indisputable. 

Prized for its silk and tea, China engaged with the west for millennia, yet little is known of its current context, its people, its places, its culture, its language and its vision for itself today. At Engage with China we believe that this puts young people in the UK at a disadvantage hence the Engage with China programme. To find out more see



Many head-teachers & school leadership teams are excited about the programme recognising the added value it brings to core curriculum subjects.To find out more see