Hosted China Office Service

Establish a staffed presence for your company in China in as little as two weeks -a cost effective, flexible and ‘hassle-free’ solution
A business presence in China is often critical in liaising with local partners and customers, to have eyes and ears on the ground, as well as somewhere to host meetings when visiting. For many organisations, however, establishing such a presence is costly -not only in terms of money but especially in terms of the management time involved in establishing and then maintaining such a presence –and last but not least, there are concerns around how to stay flexible. Chopstick Club’s ‘Hosted China Office’ service offers a solution. Put simply, we provide clients with an office in Shanghai as well as one or more staff in a cost effective, flexible and ‘hassle-free’ way. The office is hosted within our service partner’s own office, and the staff are employed through them.

Our Service:

Shanghai Office:
  • Convenient central city address, five star office block.
  • One or more desks & seats.
  • Use of meeting rooms, reception facilities, office equipment, broadband, etc.

  • Staff search and screening to client’s specifications. Client makes final selection.
  • Day to day people and HR management.
  • Pay-roll and tax coverage.

Benefits include:

  • Your Office in China: 1+ staff in China reporting to you and meeting facilities for your visits too.
  • Stay Flexible: up and running in as little as 2 weeks, scale-up or down at will. Easy to progress to registering your own office with our help, or to close down if you change your mind.
  • No Hassle: no need for an office and staff search, company registration, office refurbishment, HR and payroll management, admin and tax management, local banking and bookkeeping.
  • Operate Cost-Effectively: sharing resources allows significant cost savings for those looking for a small office.
This service is provided by Chopsticks Club in partnership with a boutique Asia-focused management consultancy providing corporate strategy, implementation, and investment services through its deep local expertise and rigorous approach to solving client problems.


A fee structure tailored to your needs: please contact us for a quotation, outlining your needs. Our quotation will depend on the number of desks, the anticipated initial duration and the profile of the staff needed.

Establish an office in China now!

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