Mission, Values & Ethos

We are a unique and trusted interface between China and the UK



Chopsticks Club is the largest, independent China-UK professionals’ membership network. We provide our Chinese and British members with a vital interface for engagement between our two countries. We are committed to providing know-how to our members about doing business in China and Chinese culture. We provide an unrivalled platform for Chinese expats to gain insight into UK society and to have access to a network of China-interested professionals, from which to grow their business in the UK. With decades of China-related experience we are committed to promoting deeper cross-cultural understanding. Our approach is highly personal so our broad and trusted network of 4,000 professionals continues to build since we were established in 1993.



Our watchwords are integrity, honesty, commitment, innovation, collaboration, friendship, opportunity, humour and hard work. Quite simply, we enjoy connecting with people. We care about the planet we all share. And we collaborate with partners who share our values from business, government and education. Having been run for over 15 years as a completely voluntary organisation, the Club has recently seen a period of re-definition that ensures we can continue to deliver value to members for the future. To allow us to represent all our members fairly and even-handedly, we are strictly non-political. We have been a platform for UK-China engagement since 1993 and are committed for the long-term to promote those ties and the mutual and positive opportunities available in both countries in China market trade and inbound investment into the UK.



We strive constantly to add value to our Chinese and British members by serving their business, educational and cultural needs. We are committed to providing a unique platform for dialogue and expert insight. We do this through the development of creative, innovative, timely and relevant services that suit the diverse needs of our members. We anticipate and respond to the fast-changing business and cultural trends between China and the UK. We teach Mandarin and deliver cross-cultural training recognising the importance of China as a global power and are committed to bringing pertinent China-UK understanding to a wider audience. Through the knowledge and depth of experience of our team of both working and living in China and the UK, we can support individuals and professionals to succeed in both markets.