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I am a great admirer of the Chopsticks Club. We recognise that China-related skills are vital for the UK to compete effectively in the global economy, Rt. Hon. David Willetts MP, Former Secretary of State for Universities & Science

Thank you to Chopsticks Club for finding this job opportunity for me...your continuous support throughout my application process was very much appreciated! Sarah


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Improve your Manda

Need mandarin speaking staff?

With our extensive network of talented people, built up over more than 20 years, the Chopsticks Club can reach the right people with the right talent to meet the growing demands of your China-facing organisation. From graduates to senior management across industry sectors, we support both UK and Chinese Companies whether inbound to the UK or outbound to China

Looking for experienced hire with Mandarin language skills & China experience?

We offer niche executive search service including a Chinese language assessment to ensure potential candidates have the required China experience for the job. Our delighted clients include law firms, petroleum giants, property consultants, luxury retailers & hoteliers and the high tech industry. All are keen to access our unique pool of professionally qualified mandarin speaking candidates.

China Skills Recruitment Fairs

Register your interest for our specialist China-skills recruitment events to find mandarin-speaking staff and jobs. Ideal for graduates & experienced hire in finance, consultancy, law, IT, luxury & retail, engineering and more.


Ensuring the new recruit has the right level of Chinese for your business need

Let our recruitment team be involved with your recruitment process as we can assess Mandarin skills levels during the interview process. Take advantage of our Mandarin lessons to give your employees the language skills they need to perform their role more effectively when engaging with Chinese clients, customers and team members.

Re-locating to China?

Get ‘China-ready’ and invest in our cross-cultural business etiquette training. Not only will this provide you with valuable, key insights into how the Chinese think but will also enable you to be more confident and effective from your first day on the ground in China.


Register your interest for our specialist China-skills recruitment events to find mandarin-speaking staff and jobs. Ideal for graduates & experienced hire in finance, consultancy, law, IT, luxury & retail, engineering and more.

Get that eXtra Factor

Wow your potential employer or employee by preparing materials in Chinese that show that you have that eXtra edge. Whether you need a marketing brochure, a Chinese name and contact details on a business card or other business materials, our translation service can help you.


Our latest 3 top tips for job seekers:

Stand out from the crowd and boost your chances of success in today’s competitive job market. Here are our latest Top Tips.

> Make sure you are a good fit – and this means that you will have to tailor your CV to every job for which you applying. Not only is this a good discipline, it will also ensure that you become familiar with each organisation. Whilst this requires spending time tweaking your CV, It will also give you time to reflect on the skills required for the role and whether you are a ‘good fit.’ Only by doing this will you stand a chance of passing the pre-screen selection process. What’s more, you will be more convincing at interview.

> Build your business networks and connections by joining groups like Chopsticks Club so you can gain relevant insight and build connections within the sector you are interested. Time spent here is far more valuable than the perfect CV.

> Prepare fully for an interview by reading around the organisation and the sector before the interview. Don’t just rely on the organisation website for information. Try and speak to someone who works there already so you can get a feel for the values of the company and the internal environment. If it is definitely somewhere you want to work then you will come across more determined at interview and, if you have done your homework, you will be far more relaxed, too.


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