Market Research Service

Rapidly and cost effectively develop actionable insights for your business in China.
Given the size, complexity and rapidly changing nature of the Chinese market, it is all the more important to develop a clear understanding before making hasty decisions. However, the Chinese market is also notoriously opaque, with limited published data and much of this misleading. So how does one effectively undertake market research, all the harder when based overseas? Chopstick Club’s ‘Market Research’ service offers a solution. Put simply, with us liaising with you in the UK and an experienced China-based team working through a proven rigorous process in China, an expert team will gather the necessary data and apply its deep market expertise and analytical capabilities to turn data into critical break-thru insights.

Our Service:


  • Market overview (desk research)*
  • Interview-based research*
  • Online survey

* Generally includes modelling to triangulate data points and quantify market size, growth, etc.


  • Market overview (desk research)
  • Focus groups
  • Channel checks / store visits / site visits
  • Interview-based research

Benefits include:

  • Experience: research based on in-house developed rigorous proven methodologies to data gathering, and extensive databases to support this, across countless sectors and research methodologies tailored to individual clients’ needs.
  • Insight: data is turned into actionable insights via expert synthesis, and analysis, conducted by seasoned China-focused management consultants rather than simply researchers.
  • On the Ground: research is run on the ground in China while we are there for you in the UK. • Fast, Hassle-free and Cost-effective: designed to your needs.
This service is provided by Chopsticks Club in partnership with a boutique Asia-focused management consultancy providing corporate strategy, implementation, and investment services through its deep local expertise and rigorous approach to solving client problems.


A fee structure tailored to your needs: please contact us for a quotation, outlining your needs. Our quotation will depend on the nature and depth of research required

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