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We have been welcoming guests to our China-related events since the start of China's global rise in 1993. Consequently our network is built upon face:face meetings and trusted relationships.


Our members want to understand how to do business in China and how to do business in the UK. We deliver on that need by sharing insight from leading experts and peers, generating debate and discussion, sharing insight into Chinese and British culture. We run various speaker events and debates adopting different styles to meet specific aims and suit diverse audiences. From our regular dinner-speaker events to round-table, intimate discussions for senior executives on relevant trends and current affairs to high-profile networking conferences, we offer something for every personal preference and budget. We partner with brands eager to inform an audience about the rapid changes in China that effect trade and geo-politics or who wish to reach a specific target audience.



Previous Events

Webinar. An 'In conversation evening with the Rt Hon.Sir Vince Cable on his new book, China: Engage! Avoid a New Cold War. Engagement or enmity? An expert panel of questioners will include Tim Clissold, entrepreneur & sinophile of 'Mr China' fame and Jinny Yan, Chief Economist for ICBC Standard.


Speakers: Jinny Yan, managing director, Chief China Economist for ICBC Standard, Alex Clark, Consultant to the Climate Policy Initiative and the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) at Columbia University &  Brian O'Callaghan - Consultant with the Robertson Foundation & on leave of absence from Boston Consulting Group

Webinar: Should the UK decouple from China? Speakers: Jeff Cao, Clare Pearson & Wang Liwei. Moderator: H-J Colston-Inge

Speakers: Dr Tim Summer, Dr George Lee    Moderator: Theresa Booth

Fascinating insights and comments on the current situation in Hong Kong regarding the protests and the National Security Legislation. 

In conversation with Dr Kerry Brown & Richard Graham as speakers to answer the question: “In light of Covid-19, should the UK get more China-literate?” To watch the video see

Panel Discussion

How the US Election & Brexit impact on China's ascendancy, trade and geopolitics? FREE event but pre-registration is essential. Priority for Chopsticks Club members.

With a panel of experts, the various ramifications of President Xi's state visit for both sides of the UK-China relationship were discussed.

High profile networking conference with Hurun Report and Chinese billionaires, supported by Chopsticks Club, June 2015 Unique opportunity to engage with the people whose business success tells the story of modern China "There are currently 350 Chinese US$ billionaires listed in the Hurun China Rich List.

"In China, the concept of PR means 'pay the reporter!'" Not so in the West, obviously! Our speaker highlighted 5 key relationships that are needed in order to get things right; cited how important it is for brands to be managed well and how a "hands-off" approach to management will make the local company entity run most efficiently.