Queen Elizabeth turns 90

Queen Elizabeth turns 90

Queen Elizabeth 11 celebrated her 90th Birthday on 21 April 2016. In September 2015 she became the UK’s longest reigning monarch and has seen Britain change dramatically over the years and remained a constant presence in the lives of the people of the UK and Commonwealth.

上周四(2016年4月21日)是伊丽莎白二世庆祝了她的90岁生。去年9月她成为英国在位最久 的君主。自登基以来她经历了英国极大的改变也见证了历史的演变,并且持续不断地出现在英国和英联邦人民的生活中。

She has been monarch to 12 UK prime ministers and became Queen only 3 years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. During her reign she has met twelve US presidents and three Chinese presidents, namely Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and more recently Xi Jinping. She has reigned longer than President Obama is old!


She has been described by our Prime Minister, David Cameron, as “a rock of strength for our nation & the Commonwealth.”


Duty and family are very important to her and these are values that resonate all over the world and in particular in China. As a child during the Second World War she inspired the nation. The lessons she learned during these formative years helped her ensure the Royal Family remains a symbol of tradition in the 21st Century.


At home and abroad, the Queen maintains political neutrality, but she has made a number of historic visits, including the first to Berlin of a British monarch since before World War One. She also delivered a speech at the United Nations in New York, representing the UK and the Commonwealth*.

In 2002 she undertook a 40,000-mile tour of the Commonwealth. She said her own "association with the Commonwealth has taught me that the most important contact between nations is usually contact between its peoples." This is an idea the Chopsticks Club not only endorses but embraces.


In the coming weeks the UK will be celebrating her birthday. From locally organised street parties to festivals, concerts and beacons being lit all over the UK culminating a 10,000 strong street party in London, on The Mall in June.

在未来几周英国将举行怒王庆生的一系列各种不同的活动。从各地自己举办的街头派对,庆典和音乐会之外还有全英国的灯塔点燃仪式。光是在六月伦敦林荫路 (The Mall, Buckingham Palace) 所举办的街头派对就累计近万人。




*The commonwealth comprises of 53 countries and she has visited all of them save new joiners, Rwanda & Cameroon.